Week 8 is a big week; you're no longer carrying an embryo, you're carrying a fetus! Your baby's tail has finally disappeared by this point, so it can officially be classed as a little person. It's exciting to think of all the changes your baby has gone through, transforming from an egg and sperm to a human being in just 2 months.

Some women may have a "booking in" appointment around week 8; a first meeting with a Midwife to discuss health, history and birth preferences, as well as have blood and urine checked (make sure to take a wee sample to all appointments!). Some women have their booking in appointment at the same time as their first ultrasound, so you may still have a couple of weeks to wait.

Baby: What's Happening?

Your baby now measures somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5 cm and is starting to look much more baby-like, as the tail has disappeared, the limbs have become longer and more flexible and the fingers and toes are beginning to separate from their webbing. Your baby's skin, however, is still transparent and paper-like, and very very delicate.

In these first 8 weeks of pregnancy, all your baby's major organs have formed, although they'll still need a bit of fine tuning before they're working independently. They're making a start though, especially the lungs which are preparing to start breathing.

Your baby's facial features are well on the way to becoming fully formed now, and the eyes, nose and mouth are all distinguishable. By the time you have your first ultrasound, you may even see some of your own characteristics in that little face!

Your baby's central nervous system is developing well, and the brain is starting to create movements (although your baby won't yet be in control!). The limbs will be thrashing about and your baby will be making fast movements, much like that of a little jumping bean! You won't feel any of this yet though, not until your baby is a little bigger.

You: What's Happening?

You won't look any different in the tummy region yet, although there may be some massive changes in your boobs! They'll probably be bigger, heavier, tighter and tender as the milk ducts are stimulated in preparation for breastfeeding.

You may still be suffering with morning sickness, or with mild abdominal cramping as your uterus expands. It's roughly twice the size as normal now and growing every day.

You might also notice that you're a bit hairier than usual! This is all down to the increased hormone levels in your body and is completely normal. Places that have never had a single strand of hair before might suddenly look rather gorilla-like, especially the belly and chin! The good news is that you can continue to shave and wax as normal during pregnancy (although trying to get your legs done during the third trimester might be a bit of a challenge!).

Handy Hints

If your breasts are really sore and spilling out of your bras, it may be time to go underwear shopping. It's best to get yourself measured so you can be sure you're getting the right support for your new friends. It has been suggested that underwires can interfere with milk ducts, but there's no strong scientific backing for this, and you might find you can't get adequate enough support with non-wired bras.

Bras with wide straps are a good choice, as they'll be less likely to dig into your shoulders. It's important to buy regular bras at this stage, rather than nursing bras. Your breasts will change dramatically during the first few days after birth, so it's best to get measured for a nursing bra shortly after you've had your baby (and it gives you a reason to get out and about!).

A comfortable, non-wired sports bra is good to wear overnight if you're breasts are too painful to leave completely unsupported. If you start to notice some stretch marks on your boobs (which are inevitable during pregnancy), start using a good moisturizer, or a specialized stretch mark cream, to reduce any redness and itchiness.